Our initiators answer your questions

Structural change in Lusatia

Is Lusatia an interesting region for investment and innovation?

Which advantages does Lusatia offer the Innovation Alliance?

Are you creating new jobs in the region?

What types of jobs are being created?

What advantages will Lusatia gain thanks to the alliance?

Does the alliance create added value beyond the region?

Why should the mayors of lausitz be interested in the AquaTech Lausitz Alliance?

AquaTech Lausitz

What exactly is AquaTech Lausitz?

What do the words „Aqua“ and „Tech“ refer to, what do they mean in the context of AquaTech Lausitz?

How is AquaTech Lausitz financed?

For whom can the Innovation Alliance be interesting?

Why is it important to join the Alliance today?


What are aquaculture systems?

What products come from aquaculture systems?

Is there a thematic focus in terms of the products and raw materials produced?

What are the sales opportunities for products from aquaculture systems?

What market potential do these aquatic products offer?

What is the advantage of local and regional aquaculture systems?

Aquaculture systems and structural change, how do they fit together?

How future-proof are aquaculture systems?