Potentials of sustainable aquaculture systems

As a new economic sector in the Lusatian coal region, sustainable aquaculture systems open up decarbonization of industrial processes to provide biobased products.

The product groups are versatile and include biomass as well as natural ingredients for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications as well as intermediate and end products of biomaterials.

Aquaculture systems with circular value creation offer partial solutions for the ambitious sustainability goals of the United Nations, especially in the areas of: „Sustainable Consumption and Production“ and „Climate Protection Measures“ (Circular Bioeconomy).

Areas of Innovation

I. Bioprocess Innovations

Targeted modularization, automation and digitization of aquatic bioprocesses and industrialization of production facilities will make them competitive for sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

II. Product Innovations

Biobased products are an essential building block for a sustainable future. CO2-consuming bioprocesses are used to develop new products and replace existing products based on fossil raw materials.

III. Service Innovations

Through the establishment of a non-profit research, technology and knowledge transfer facility, innovative ideas find the infrastructural space to develop and scale into industrially relevant scales. This facility also forms a training platform for the „skilled workers of tomorrow“.

IV. Business Modell Innovations

New developments in the sharing and collaborative economy will open up new opportunities for commercially successful action through interdisciplinary collaboration between companies and scientific institutions.