Our Mission

We are an innovation and cooperation network and enrich the structural change of Lusatia by means of bio-based value creation.

We see structural change in Lusatia as an opportunity to create a future worth living in and to contribute to the EU-wide greenhouse gas reduction to net zero by 2050.

Our mission is to develop and utilize aquatic resources for the sustainable industrialization of the region in the form of new products, technologies and business models.

In contrast to the traditionally strong fossil-based value creation, aquaculture systems are bio-based.
Due to their innovative power and regional anchoring, they are suitable to enrich the regional development socio-ecologically and economically.

As an open network of business, science and civil society based in Lusatia, we work together with regional, national as well as international experts for the benefit of a biobased circular economy in and from Lusatia.

To this end, we identifie, in an interdisciplinary and market-oriented manner, modern production processes and technologies based on aquatic resources.
Together, these are finally brought through all development phases to industrial production and market maturity.

To this end, we form and empowers the regional network of actors for a livable structural change, through effective initiatives for a sustainable reorientation of the Lusatian industrial landscape.

As an infrastructural prerequisite, we are initially working to establish:

  • a regional Technology Transfer Centre

  • a first, industrial microalgae production in Lusatia, as nucleus of new value chains

Our Vision

Lusatia – model region for industrial aquaculture systems and bio-based products.

In the future, innovations, technologies and products will make Lusatia a globally valued knowledge cluster, attractive business location and visitor magnet:

  • For entrepreneurs and industry representatives to learn about technological solutions and their industrialization

  • For politicians to learn about and advocate for the process of change, resource transition, and climate protection.

  • For curious people from all over the world to learn about new professions, training paths and convincing solutions for everyday life

Innovative technological systems and the networking of a wide variety of industries are the decisive drivers.

By implementing integrated aquaculture systems, we enable the industrial production of diverse renewable intermediate and end products in Lusatia – in a profitable, resource-saving and climate-protecting manner.

There are already potential applications for the products in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as food and nutritional supplements, fertilizers, energy sources, etc.